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Club Tortuga has received support from many regions throughout the Western Hemisphere. Individuals, corporations, lifeguard agencies, municipalities and state governments, hospitals and rescue equipment companies have all contributed to the on-going programs that we are involved in.

As any non-profit volunteer organization, we are always pursuing many ways for acquiring the much-needed support. Donations of new or used rescue equipment, medical supplies, grants and individual contributions, would greatly help us to continue with our work to promote water safety throughout Latin America and to assist in the development of trained and equipped lifeguard corps and junior lifeguard programs.

Sponsorship for the future creation of the Mexican National Lifeguard Association and its National Lifeguard Championships offers an excellent opportunity for corporate exposure. Our Junior/Handicapped Lifeguard projects, designed to educate and develop water safety skills among the youth of Mexico, is yet another area where you may wish to participate.

“Drownings represent the leading cause of accidental deaths throughout the world. With your support, we can join hands to make that a manageable figure.”

Whether you are a single individual, or a major corporation, we are grateful for your offer to support our cause. To contact us regarding assistance or donations, please e-mail us at contactus@clubtortuga.org .

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