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Dr. Victor Zavala, Chairman of the Asociacion de Mexican Salvavidas (AMS), also known as the Mexican Lifeguard Association (MLA), has recently announced the First National Meeting of Mexican Lifeguards, in order to establish a constitution and design a national structure for state representation.

This meeting will take place in Galveston, Texas, in conjunction with the Fall USLA - National Meeting, this November 2004. Its success will be dependent on the availability of all Mexican regional lifeguard representatives to make that location on those dates.

Breaking News!!!!
The Lifeguard and Rescue Association of the State of Baja California, Ensenada Delegation has just signed a contract with the City of Ensenada. Their volunteer lifeguards will guard the most visited beaches of Ensenada from Friday to Sunday all summer long. In exchange the Association will receive 12,000 pesos every two weeks, a total of 66,000 pesos for the summer. Enough money to buy food, gasoline, rescue equipment, uniforms, radios, tires for their trucks, etc.

It is the first time that the city signs a contract with the association, this guarantees the 2004 lifeguard service in Ensenada and opens the door for the future Ensenada Lifeguard Service when the new administration takes the office next December. read complete story -->

Club Tortuga
We are a non-profit organization that is dedicated to providing professional services to any and all lifesaving clubs or groups within Mexico, as well as assisting in the formation and support of similar organizations elsewhere in Latin America. Our group is comprised of volunteer professional lifeguards throughout North America and the world, as well as businessmen, government officials, etc.

Within this website you will find information detailing our many efforts, as well as instructions on how to contact us should you need our assistance.

Please browse through this site and look at the photo gallery, read the beach stories, learn more about our board members, and how to become a Club Tortuga Supporter.

Thank you for your interest in keeping our world's beaches safe for all to enjoy.

Mission Statement
To provide information and support in the development of open water lifesaving organizations, to aid in the creation of aquatic safety and drowning prevention programs, and to work with other groups with similar goals. more -->

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