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Mission Statement:

To provide information and support in the development of open water lifesaving organizations, to aid in the creation of aquatic safety and drowning prevention programs, and to work with similar groups to achieve these goals.

Goals and Objectives:
A. To assist in the establishment and maintenance of high standards within professional surf and open water lifesaving organizations for the maximization of public safety, throughout Latin American countries.

B. To assist in the development, training and acquisition of necessary lifesaving equipment for volunteer and semi-professional lifesaving clubs by:
    1. Providing training in Emergency Response Techniques to lifesaving personnel.
    2. Petitioning various private, public, and government groups for medical/lifesaving supplies and equipment.

C. To assist in the development of Junior Lifeguard programs.

D. Educate the public regarding:
    1. Water safety in a natural aquatic environment through programs of preventive awareness.
    2. How lifeguards serve the community.
    3. How the public can cooperate with lifesaving agencies.

E. To actively assist in the creation of national lifesaving associations within each Latin American country.

F. Increase awareness of water quality issues and preservation of the coastal environment.

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